Smartphone 5G, Oppo supports DSS technology

Oppo has announced the first interesting success of the 5G Joint Lab created in collaboration with Ericsson. On November 29, the first data transmission was made with a 5G smartphone from Oppo that supports the technology DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing). Qualcomm, Swisscom and Telstra also contributed to the success.

The Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, translatable as "dynamic spectrum sharing", allows to speed up the activation and coverage of new generation networks through the frequency sharing between LTE and 5G. The technology developed by Ericsson for its Radio System is based on the 3GPP standard with the addition of intelligent scheduling algorithms. This is possible through a software update for 4G networks that allows dynamic spectrum allocation based on user demand. The switch between 4G and 5G occurs in a few milliseconds, without affecting performance.

Oppo used his 5G smartphone to make one video call from Bern (Switzerland) to Gold Coast (Australia), using the 5G networks of Swisscom and Telstra. Inside the smartphone (a model not yet on the market) there is a modem Snapdragon X55 5G of Qualcomm. Thanks to this success, the telephone operators will be able to implement the Ericsson solution and launch their 5G services by exploiting the existing infrastructures waiting for the transition to 5G SA (Standalone).

Andy Wu, Vice President and President of Software Engineering Business Unit of Oppo, said:

As a leading global technology company, Oppo works proactively to accelerate the large-scale commercialization of 5G. Our collaboration with Ericsson, Qualcomm, Swisscom and Telstra to facilitate the commercial use of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology is part of our deep commitment to the 5G era. Oppo plans to launch 5G smartphones that support DSS next year, so as to ensure a more stable, continuous and fast 5G connection, to offer a better user experience.

It is not clear if the next Reno3 Pro 5G will support DSS technology or wait for the new high-end models with Snapdragon 865 processor.

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