Surface Pro X can be repaired according to iFixit

It really looks like Microsoft paid a lot of attention to the interior design of its new Surface. During the presentation event, the Redmond house emphasized the possibility of easily removing the SSD of the new Surface Laptop 3, an aspect later confirmed by iFixit. And always from iFixit good news for the come Surface Pro X. The teardown test once again demonstrates Microsoft's great work in creating a rational interior design that can provide some repairability.

The Surface Pro X wins from iFixit a repairability score of 6 out of 10. Never before has a product in the Surface line achieved such a high result. The first important element concerns the SSD unit that can be replaced very quickly through a small dedicated door. Therefore, there will be no need to disassemble the device. The unit is the same as the Surface Laptop 3, ie a M.2 2230 module.

But iFixit also verified that disassembling the Surface Pro X is not complex. Just use a screwdriver to open it. As for the Surface Laptop 3, even in this case Microsoft has not anchored the display with adhesive tape. Some parts are then modular and can therefore be easily removed. Obviously there are limitations. For example, the RAM is soldered to the motherboard while the battery is secured with adhesive.

Therefore, a repair technician is required for repairs, but there is no doubt that Microsoft's progress has been significant. A choice that will surely please users who in the past had criticized the impossibility or almost no repair of Surface products. A problem that emerged above all after the guarantee.

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