“Surprise” in the Windows Store. Applications have been mining cryptocurrencies

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It is sometimes said that Microsoft bravely fights the problems that he created himself. This is not quite the case – some are a normal trend, which unfortunately does not bypass Redmond and when this company doubles up and develops even the central repository for Windows, it receives a blow similar to Android.

It was previously believed that the Windows Store is one of those places where it is difficult to get an infection or download a “cryptocurrency miner”. It turned out differently – also from this repository you can download something that only pretends to be a real application. It was supposed to be a sandbox, it was supposed to be security, but it came out a bit … poorly.

Symantec managed to show that there were at least 8 programs in the Windows Store (which Microsoft had already removed from the repository), which in addition to offering their typical functions, also burdened the computer’s resources and mined cryptocurrencies. Those users who were using Windows 10 S were also vulnerable to such a practice, although this was for some time positioned as the “definitely the safest”. It seems that Microsoft has not managed to maintain an adequate level of security, although the intention of such marketing can definitely be understood.

Applications in the Windows Store were to be thoroughly checked for the presence of malicious mechanisms. Microsoft has vouched for the fact that it will be one of the safer places to download new applications that extend the capabilities of a computer or a mobile phone. For a time it was possible to maintain this state, but it did not last forever.

Symantec discovered that the programs placed by different developers in the Windows Store… the way of inserting malicious elements into the Windows Store indicates that there is one group / person behind everything.

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