TIM and Google, the big alliance on the cloud

TIM has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Google Cloud with the aim of creating a strategic partnership that will allow the operator to become the main Italian player in the offer of services Cloud and Edge Computing, expanding its technological offer with innovative Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services and accelerating the growth of its revenues from technological services. read more

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IBM brings a quantum computer to the cloud

IBM calls it Quantum Cloud and it could be the real march for the final explosion of the cloud. Big Blue has indeed taken a quantum computer, at 53 qubits, and brought it to a cloud service, not just to see the effect it makes.

It is perhaps not the most powerful machine in the world, given that elsewhere we have the D-Wave from around 5,000 qubits and the super computer in the labs of Google from 72 qubits, but that of IBM is the first really available in the cloud, for all those enrolled in the program IBM Q Network. The machine will be part of IBM's new Quantum Computation Center in the State of New York, which will host five 20 qubit computers that will become, over time, fourteen. Quantum Cloud is designed for organizations with some seriously complex tasks to manage. These include JP Morgan, which uses IBM's quantum computation to analyze financial analysis operations that would be impossible to complete with traditional methods. read more

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