Alexa Home Theater, audio with Echo and Fire TV Stick

Amazon has further improved the integration between devices Echo is Fire TV compatible with the introduction of the new functionality Alexa Home Theater. Users can build a wireless audio system with one, two or three channels, connecting the smart speakers to the Fire TV Stick 4K.

The novelty arrived in Italy along with Amazon's most powerful speaker, namely Echo Studio, which integrates a woofer, a tweeter and three midrange offering a maximum of 330 Watts. There Fire TV Stick 4K, currently the only one compatible with the functionality, it allows you to stream numerous multimedia contents of both Amazon and other companies. Instead of listening to audio through TV speakers or a soundbar, you can send the signal to an Echo smart speaker. Besides Echo Studio Echo (2nd and 3rd generation), Echo Plus (2nd generation) are also supported Echo Dot (3rd generation) and Echo Dot with clock. read more

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Disney +, confirmed Amazon Fire TV support

Disney + it will be available from November 12 in the United States and, now, it finally has an Italian release date. The streaming platform will be accessible through a series of devices, but until now it was not clear if Amazon Fire TV could also count on the service app. To the delight of Amazon Stick owners, the answer is yes. Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, revealed that he had reached an agreement with Jeff Bezos's company during an interview conducted by CNBC. read more

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Apple TV lands on Amazon Fire TV

A few days after the launch of Apple TV +, the streaming streaming platform of Cupertino, the application of the same name Apple TV also lands on devices Amazon Fire TV. It is the same giant of online commerce that confirms it, for an immediate availability of its application in various world countries, including Italy. read more

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Amazon updates the Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon has announced a new version of the Fire HD 10, the largest model in the series that also includes Fire HD 8 and Fire 7 (the only ones sold in Italy). The tablet keeps the screen of the previous generation, but integrates a faster processor, a battery with greater autonomy and finally the USB Type-C port. It is not known at the moment if it will arrive in our country. read more

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Disney + at risk on Amazon Fire TV

There is the risk that the Fire TV of Amazon is the only great support without Disney + when the Casa del Topo streaming platform will debut in November (in the United States). Amazon and Disney would seem to disagree on the advertising issue, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the event that they fail to meet, Fire TV may also have other Disney-owned apps removed, including the sports streaming service ESPN +. Not reaching an agreement would penalize both parties: since Disney intends to forcefully enter the streaming content market and compete with giants like Netflix, it is crucial for the company to be on Fire TV, which according to the Wall Street Journal is the second largest video streaming application destruction channel. read more

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