Samsung Galaxy Fold in Italy since November 13th

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Fold will be available in Italy from the next November 13th. The folding smartphone can be booked online on the Korean manufacturer's website or on sites of the major consumer electronics chains. The price is very high, but users will benefit from some exclusive benefits. read more

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Samsung confirms the Galaxy Fold 2 shell

For several weeks rumors have been circulating about the successor to the Galaxy Fold. Samsung showed the possible design of the Galaxy Fold 2 during the developer conference. The next folding smartphone should be "shell-shaped". The new form factor is supported by One UI 2.

The Korean manufacturer has provided some information on the new interface that will be used on various devices, including the future ones folding smartphones. In the video there is a comparison between the current Galaxy Fold and its possible successor. The home screen contains two rows of four icons, plus date, time and temperature. The device has a hinge in the center and a design similar to the old "flip phones". Samsung explains that its small size allows it to be easily inserted into a pocket. At the top of the screen there is a small one hole for the front camera. read more

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Galaxy Fold 2, screen with flexible glass?

The first foldable smartphone from Samsung came on the market only at the beginning of September, as some changes were made compared to the original version. Based on rumors coming from Korea, the Galaxy Fold 2 it will have a flexible glass that protects the screen and a shell design.

The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch internal display protected by a film in it polyimide, a transparent plastic material that resists wear. As the iFixit experts have verified, a single closure of the smartphone is sufficient to make a vertical line appear at the hinge. This "aesthetic defect" and any scratches will be eliminated with the use of a UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), a flexible glass very thin manufactured by DOWOO INSYS which should be the exclusive supplier for Samsung. read more

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Samsung Galaxy Fold, iFixit reveals the changes

Following the problems identified during the first reviews, Samsung withdrew all the units to make the necessary changes. The Korean producer had also asked the experts of iFixit to remove the teardown of the Galaxy Fold original. Now the "disassembly" of the updated version is available, which allows you to check the improvements introduced. read more

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Galaxy Fold, damaged screen after a day

The updated version of the Galaxy Fold it is available in Korea from 6 September and will gradually arrive in other countries. Samsung has released a video explaining how to treat the foldable smartphone to avoid damage during use. Unfortunately, the first report arrived that confirms the delicacy of the flexible screen. read more

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Samsung Galaxy Fold deserves special care

The Galaxy Fold is currently available only in South Korea, but will arrive in other countries over the next few months. Samsung had to correct some design errors before the official launch, due to its particular design. The producer has now published a video explaining how to take care of the device. read more

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