PlayStation Now lowers prices and adds games

Great news for PlayStation Now, the service of cloud gaming of Sony present in 19 countries, including Italy. Sony has announced that the subscription games service will expand the catalog with new ones triple games A, some of which were real champions of collection. The news that actually surprises the most is thelowering of prices, both for the monthly and quarterly and annual passes. read more

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Google Play Pass: games, price and other details

Google Play Pass is a monthly subscription service launched in the past few hours (currently only in the US), which allows users to access a library of games and apps on the Play Store. A sort of "Google Netflix", many define it.

The service costs $ 4.99 and includes over 350 apps and games, including Monument Valley 2, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Titan Quest HD, Door Kickers, Evoland, Thimbleweed Park, .projekt, Pocket City, Mini Metro, Agent A and many others. But the company wants the go beyond, so it also includes fitness apps, photo editing, weather, etc. Austin Shoemaker, Group Product Manager of Google Play, said: read more

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Milan Games Week 2019, all the games present

Milan Games Week 2019 is about to start, the ninth edition to be held from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 September. The organization has revealed which video games will animate the event, among those that you can try or see for the first time live. During this appointment it will be possible discover over 55 titles including 22 absolute previews for Italy. Here are some of the titles you can see live: read more

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Steam denies sale of used games: Valve condemned

The French court has condemned Valve, company that owns Steam, for preventing the sale of used games on the known platform. To win the case, the UFC-Que Choisir (association of French consumers): according to what established by the Regional Court of Paris on September 17th, therefore, Valve will have to review the Steam license agreement, especially the clause does not allow users to resell purchased games. read more

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Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, gym and games

A new type of adventure game will hit Nintendo Switch on October 18th. Ring Fit Adventure use two new fun accessories that transform physical exercises into powerful moves.

In Ring Fit Adventure – reads the official press release – players explore a wide fantasy world full of enemies to be dealt with by squat, abdominal and much more. The Ring-Con and the leg band, the two new accessories included in the game's packaging, detect and measure players' movements in the real world and turn them into action in the game world. For example, running on the spot it is possible to advance the character, while compressing the Ring-Con you launch attacks. In this way, users can play every day train various parts of the body. Thanks also to minigames and additional training programs, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience and suitable for everyone. read more

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google game console

Today Google will reveal the details of its mysterious gaming project

The fact that Google is working on something related to video games has been known for quite a long time. Quite simply, the mysterious project will be based on the streaming game – but we will find out everything this evening, when at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the giant from Moutain View will present the world with their “child”. read more

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