Google Maps, incognito navigation also on iOS

Already available for Android devices for about a month, the mode of browsing in incognito reaches Google Maps also on iOS. On the other hand, it's been a while since the research giant first announced the feature in May, and iPhone and iPad owners have been waiting for it for quite a while.

The mode is very similar to that of Chrome browsers: once activated, users will be able to search for a location on the app or head somewhere and Google will not save this information. To activate the incognito navigation, just tap on your profile image and select "Activate incognito mode". It is worth stressing, however, that some features will be disabled by activating the mode in question: for example, the places visited will not be kept in the Location History, as well as the user's account searches will not be saved (and the information will not be used for customize the experience). read more

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Pixel 4, Google releases new features

Google has planned the distribution of periodic updates for the Pixels 4, called "feature drop“, Which include a fairly substantial number of new features. The features introduced by the Mountain View company concern photos, video calls with Duo and blocking of spam calls. Some of them are also available on previous models. read more

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Google Glass, latest update for consumer edition

Google Glass is one of those projects of the research giant that never took off. One of the unlucky ones, which the company decided to support one last time before finally pulling the plug. At least to the Explorer Edition, a version that should have reached the general public (but that has achieved poor results) to project the user into the world of augmented reality. read more

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Google Maps will signal the most illuminated streets

Google Maps it is an excellent tool to be guided along paths that are not known or to take public transport, but has also recently embraced functions focused on walking routes. Not to mention the addition of more detailed indications for blind and partially sighted people. Now the research giant has seen fit to introduce a still new feature, useful for advising people the darkest streets overnight. read more

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Google Recorder opens to older Pixels

One of the most popular features of Pixel 4 is Recorder, app able to transform the recorded audio into written text. Now, the feature has also reached the previous Google smartphone models.

In reality it is not a surprise: already last month, the research giant had stated that it would make Recorder available for the old Pixels. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the application does not seem to work on the very first Pixel. read more

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Google Stadia, games that can soon be purchased online

Google Stadia is a constantly updated platform. On the other hand, when it was launched last November 19th, it did not have all the features promised by the developers in the months before the debut (partially disappointing the expectations of the public and critics).

Many have complained that the service did not reach 4K and 60fps despite having a good internet connection, for example; others of excessive overheating of Chromecast Ultra. But slowly the company is improving its service based on cloud gaming: if up until now the games could only be purchased through the Google Stadia app, now the company has introduced a store to buy the titles via the web. At the store's announcement, the research giant said: read more

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Google, Santa Tracker returns: here are the news

Google celebrate Christmas with Santa Tracker, a sort of interactive advent calendar that from 2004 accompanies users throughout the month of December until Christmas Eve, during which it is possible to follow the path of Santa Claus in his tour around the world (the earliest versions only allowed to monitor the journey for the delivery of gifts). read more

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