Google Maps, incidents that can also be reported on iOS

Now you no longer need an Android smartphone to report incidents and other traffic problems into Google Maps. The company has introduced the function to report road collisions on iOS, allowing users to report without going through apps like Waze.

Whatever the operating system used, Google has also decided to expand the range of incidents that can be reported: construction works, closed lanes and objects on the road are now included. Both these new categories and iOS support will be available by the end of the week. It is certainly not the first function in line with Waze that the technology giant added to Google Maps: in May, for example, speed camera reporting was introduced on the navigation app in over 40 countries. Among other features similar to Waze, then, there is the possibility of adding a stop on the route in navigation mode and the possibility of displaying speed limits. read more

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Google Pixel 4 detects traffic accidents

At the beginning of the month the app was discovered on the Google Play Store Personal Safety. During the launch event of the Pixel 4 there has been no reference to the functionality that US users will be able to exploit in the event of a traffic accident. Despite the Italian technical support page, the app is currently only available in the United States. read more

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Google Stadia, new details on the controller

Google Stadia, the platform of the research giant focused on cloud gaming, has talked a lot about itself since its official announcement. Now new interesting information about the controller emerges: as stated in The Verge, although the pad will work wirelessly while Stadia is playing on Chromecast Ultra, users will need to use a USB-C cable to connect it to computers and smartphones at launch. read more

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Google Pixel 4, how Motion Sense works

The leading smartphone manufacturers have eliminated the frames to increase the so-called screen-to-body ratio. Google has instead chosen a traditional design for the new Pixels 4 because in the upper frame the sensors for face recognition and the Soli radar sensor have been inserted for the functionality Motion Sense. read more

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Google Pixel 4 to photograph the stars

The Motion Sense feature is certainly the most "futuristic", but Google has introduced other interesting innovations with the Pixels 4, in particular for the photographic sector. For example, the Night Photo mode has been further improved and now you can get shots of the starry sky. The Pixels 4 are therefore suitable for theastrophotography. read more

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Live Caption also on Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a

Live Caption it will not be an exclusive of the new Pixels 4. Google has now announced that the functionality will also arrive on Pixels 3 and Pixels 3a by the end of the year through a software update. The Mountain View company explained its usefulness with a place on the official blog.

Google has developed various services of accessibility for users with hearing, visual and motor disabilities. Among those dedicated to people with hearing problems there are Sound Amplifier (Amplifier in Italian) and Live Transcribe (Instant Transcription in Italian), both available as Android apps. Functionality has been introduced with Pixel 4 Live Caption, announced during Google I / O 2019, which uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to show a text transcript on the screen. read more

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Google launches the Titan Security Key with USB-C

Google announced a new version of his in the past few hours Titan Security Key equipped with connector USB-C, put on sale for 40 dollars. It is compatible with all three major desktop operating systems – Chrome OS, macOS and Windows – but also with Android.

For iOS support, users will need a different key instead, like YubiKey 5Ci. For the rest, Google states that the device has the same hardware and firmware structure integrated in the two previous versions. Like those, in fact, it can also count on the FIDO system: this means that it will work instantly with password manager like 1Password, but also with websites like Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter. All the user has to do is connect the key to his device and he will be able to authenticate. To make the small USB device, of very small dimensions, Google has partnered with Yubico, which realizes the 5Ci mentioned above and is considered one of the leaders of this kind of products. read more

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