Facebook starts the tests to hide the Likes

If a post has so many I like it, users are jealous. If your post does not get reactions or many thumbs up, the embarrassment starts, while users chasing higher and higher numbers see life distorted, based on how many I like, self-censoring maybe posts that potentially may not be popular. These are some of the reasons why even Facebook, like Instagram, started testing for hide the number of Likes on the platform. read more

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facebook fanpage

How to run a fanpage on Facebook effectively?

How to run a Facebook fanpage? Theoretically simple task: we set up a new profile associated with the founder’s main account, and then publish new content to attract new users. It would seem that there is no greater philosophy in this task. In practice, winning a large number of fans is associated with a well-thought-out strategy, analysis of the target group, the ability to conduct mutual discussion, as well as adaptation to the needs of the recipient. read more

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