Tesla is investigating a software update

There National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun to investigate a software update that Tesla he had sent to his last May electric cars. An update that was created by the company following the news that a couple of old cars had caught fire because of the battery in Asia. As an extremely precautionary measure, the Elon Musk company had therefore released a specific update for these models to minimize any remote risk. read more

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Tesla V10: Spotify, Netflix and YouTube are coming

Tesla announced the launch of the distribution rollout of the new version 10 of the software of its electric cars that will arrive on Model S, Model X and Model 3. The company states that this is its biggest software update ever and highlights all the improvements made as a key advantage on the purchase of one of its cars. read more

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Tesla starts counting car data traffic

Tesla has started monitoring the data traffic of his cars, a sign that some news could be coming on this front. When Tesla first launched the Model S in 2012, some owners were rather perplexed that Internet service was available for free with cars.

In 2014, Tesla made it clear that the Internet connection would be free for four years. However, the American company that builds the famous electric cars has then continued to offer free Internet connectivity. Last summer, the automaker began to introduce different levels of connectivity. "Standard Connectivity”Which offers maps and basic navigation, music and multimedia content via Bluetooth and software updates via Wi-Fi. Then there is the "Premium Connectivity"Which adds the satellite vision of the maps with real-time traffic indication, music and streaming multimedia content, an Internet browser (Model S and Model X) and software updates over the air both via Wi-Fi and via the data network. read more

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Tesla Model S records with the Plaid powertrain

Tesla Model S set a new lap record on the American track of Laguna Seca, obviously in the category of electric sedans. The record, however, was not made with a Model S just "exited from the dealers" but with a model equipped with an unpublished powertrain called "Plaid"That second Elon Musk will enable better performance than the already impressive Model S Ludicrous. Furthermore, the electric car also had a brand new chassis. read more

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An automatic braking system saved the life of the Tesla driver

The camera mounted in Tesla identified the high-speed car approaching and braked for a fraction of a second before the impact, just after the Model 3 driver entered the intersection.

If the car did not have an automatic braking system installed, the driver could die driving under the wheels of a raging madman, or into a car going to the right. It is also not excluded that the accident would not have occurred at all if all vehicles at the intersection were equipped with a similar system as at Tesla. You can watch the recording from the event below. read more

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