Twitter considers the tweets that disappear

The format of Stories it has now flooded social media and its success is due largely to their nature ephemeral nature and temporary. All social platforms have studied their ephemeral type of functionality, ie messages that disappear after a while and are no longer available to users. Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn implement their own versions of this feature and Twitter is also thinking about it. read more

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Twitter, telephone numbers used for advertising

It is clear that Twitter, like other platforms, should use i phone numbers provided by users only for two-factor authentication, yet it would seem that the bird's social network has exploited them "inadvertently" for advertising purposes.

The company therefore declared:

When e-mail addresses or phone numbers are provided for security purposes, this data may be unintentionally used for advertising purposes. It was a mistake, we apologize. We are very sorry for what happened and we are ensuring that this does not happen again. read more

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Twitter tests programmable tweets

Twitter is constantly updated, in fact more and more the features introduced to improve the user experience. Now, thanks to Jane Manchun Wong who analyzed the source code, we learn that some interesting new features are being tested: the automatic translation of the biography of the profiles, the tweet programming and the ability to display full-size images. read more

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Twitter, spam filter in DMs

Twitter announced the integration of antispam filter in the DMs (Direct Messages), a month and a half after the company began testing the function. It will be available for both the web version of the social network and for Android and iOS.

The filter adds a new option to the Message Requests box, ie the one where all the DMs of people not followed by the user go. By clicking on it, messages that contain potentially offensive content will not even show their previews, and there will be the possibility to delete such messages without opening them. read more

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Twitter, "hide answer" function in the USA

Still missing several useful features to Twitter, loudly requested by users. For example, the one that allows you to send voice messages via DM, a feature that Facebook users can use for a long time, and the one that allows hide the answers to your tweets. To the delight of those who "chirp", this latter function is now being tested in Japan and the United States. read more

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Twitter will soon allow you to hide answers to tweets

The network has information about the upcoming change, which will soon be on Twitter. It’s about the ability to hide the answers to our tweets. The function is currently being tested and of course its final version may differ slightly from the one just discovered.

Twitter wants to put a “Hide tweet” button on the menu – by clicking on it you will block the visibility of a given answer both for ourselves and for all viewers of a particular thread. The option is to be tested more extensively in the coming months. read more

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