SWAPGS – a new security vulnerability found in Intel processors

Another vulnerability in the vulnerable like Swiss cheese security processors from Intel. Bitdefender researchers have found another weak spot in blue chips that allowed attack on all computers equipped with Ivy Bridge and newer processors. Fortunately, the problem was solved with one of the last patches for Windows, but the whole thing does not put Bob Swan in the best light. read more

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mcafee antivirus

McAfee anti-virus after updating does not allow logging in to Windows

Many people around the world wiped their eyes in amazement when, after updating the McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2 anti-virus software database, they could not log into their Windows system. The patch for McAfee at the beginning of the week, marked with number 9418, was especially effective in companies whose employees thought they had fallen victim to ransomware. read more

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ip address

How to change your IP – practical guide (not only for advanced)

Probably many of you using the Internet have certainly heard the term “IP address” together with a combination of four numbers separated by periods. What for some internet and IT enthusiasts is a standard and as obvious as e.g. the area code for Berlin, for others it is still an unknown concept, which may require a broader explanation. What’s more, only a small group know that with the help of certain technological facilities we can manipulate this address (on: we can change it as we like). read more

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bitcoin mining virus

“Surprise” in the Windows Store. Applications have been mining cryptocurrencies

It is sometimes said that Microsoft bravely fights the problems that he created himself. This is not quite the case – some are a normal trend, which unfortunately does not bypass Redmond and when this company doubles up and develops even the central repository for Windows, it receives a blow similar to Android. read more

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windows 95 logo

Do you remember Windows 95 and these great games ?

To install Windows 95 on your computer at this time is to ask for death – even if you want to “just play”. Virtual machine – this is a better option, but you still need to “play” a bit. And what if you could download literally one file and play as much as your heart desires? The creators of the “electron” version of Windows 95 have something for you – from now on in the new version! read more

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10 tips for Windows to improve security

Let’s see how to quickly and effectively protect your data and your computer.

All the programs described below can be downloaded from DOWNLOAD.CNET.COM

How to securely store passwords locally or on a pendrive

The KeePass Password Safe application allows you to create a file with a database containing our passwords. All you have to do is set a single password to secure the database of all our passwords. The application is also available in a portable version. read more

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How to rename multiple files using Multi File Renamer ?

Hello people, if you are website developer or programmer probably sometimes you need to change filename for multiple files, as you know it takes a lot of time if you have let say 1000 files to rename, but there is one great tool which can change your life and help you to do this thing with one simple click 🙂 the tool name is “Multi File Renamer“. read more

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