Tesla Cybertruck pleases law enforcement

Tesla Cybertruck has done much to argue for better or for worse for its forms. However, certainly from the media point of view it was a great success and without spending even a dollar on advertising, the company of Elon Musk More than 200,000 orders have already been put in your pocket. But the controversial electric pickup of Tesla is especially pleasing to the police who see it as an ideal vehicle for some patrols.

THE'electric car, in fact, it is break-through-proof and has some important safety requirements that can be appreciated by the police. For many, therefore, qualities and specifications have been more important than design. A mayor of Mexico, for the accuracy of the city Ciudad Valles of the State of San Luis Potosí, decided to order 15 Tesla Cybertruck and specifically 10 dual motor and 5 with three engines. The mayor said he had also asked Elon Musk for a discount. The mayor also believes that the efficiency of Tesla's pickup electric motors will allow the city to reduce polluting emissions.

However, there is not only Mexico to have looked at the Tesla Cybertruck as a police car. Also Dubai seems interested in these vehicles for the same reason. In reality it is not new that some Tesla electric cars are converted into police vehicles. In the past, several Model Ss had been turned into cars for road patrols. But Tesla Cybertruck due to its technical specifications could represent an even more interesting medium for this purpose, especially in some countries where "dimensions" are not a problem.

Tesla Cybertruck is expected to debut on the market in 2021. The version with three engines the following year.

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