The revolution on “Facebook” will have serious changes in appearance.

It will be completely different.

Facebook over the years of its activity received a lot of updates aimed at improving the appearance of the platform. However, a long time has passed since the update, which would completely change the face of the service – if you belong to a group of people complaining about the not very modern layout of the desktop version of the platform, your requests will soon be fulfilled.

At the F8 event, quite a lot of visual novelties related to Facebook were presented and you have to say it clearly – either you will love them or you will not. Some of the Internet users were very critical of Mark Zuckerberg’s offer, and the rest enthusiastically accepted a breath of freshness. Personally, I belong to this second group and I am looking forward to the new version of the browser platform.

As I mentioned above, the current Facebook appearance on the browser is a bit outdated and it would be good to refresh it. You know, habit and things, but well – Mark Zuckerberg will soon turn the platform upside down and will not care about the users’ opinions. Especially since the presentation presented by the CEO is very well adapted to contemporary standards, is characterized by minimalism and above all … it is simply neat and aesthetic.

Below you will find an example screenshot made on the main board. The first thing that catches the eye is sections of news and relationships that have been cut out of the mobile application. The same applies to the upper beam, where there are buttons that allow you to go to individual sections of the service. In short – virtually all elements have been transformed.

Visible changes also included profile view. We are dealing again with the browser version of Facebook to the one known from the mobile version. Transparency and minimalism reign supreme, as well as consistency with the already mentioned telephone service. Anyway, see for yourself.

The final look of Facebook browser may be slightly different from the one shown in the screenshots – the board of the platform claims that it will only be available for users in a few months. Up to this point, the company’s vision may change a bit.

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