The right mouse button will finally make sense on the Gmail website

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What is the right mouse button for? Probably most of the network users will answer that to access different types of options. Often in this way, we open quite a menu right at the cursor. Well, unless we just use the Gmail site – there the right button has quite limited possibilities. Or rather he had.

Google seems to see that it could have been solved somewhat better. Soon the popup window that you open PPM will be much richer in options. Until now there were four functions: transfer to the card, archive, mark as unread and delete. After the change there will be many more options, including answer or forward.

old popup

and the new one

new popup

The update came to users of G Suite with Rapid Release already yesterday, and on February 22, it will be received by customers from Scheduled Release. Although no update date is provided for regular Gmail users, it will likely appear in the next few days if it looks like it is.

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