The Swiss bank runs its own cryptocurrency using airdrop

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Recently, a lot is said about banks entering the world of cryptocurrencies, first JP Morgan, then Japanese Mizhuo, and now the Swiss bank Dukascopy. The cryptocurrency called Dukascoin (DUK +) was launched on February 28 and is based on the ERC-20 standard.

Crypto Bank
Crypto Bank

The president of Dukascopy Andre Duk, boasts in an interview with Finance Magnates, that Dukascoin is the world’s first banking cryptocurrency running in the process of regulated ICO. However, the cryptocurrency distribution process is more like airdrop, and the Dukascoin functionality itself creates something like a loyalty token. You can get Dukascoin by opening an account at the bank or recommending an account to a friend, but in the future there will be a platform where you can buy or sell tokens at prices set by the market.

Dukascopy started its activity in 1998 and, apart from banking, also offers brokerage services. It is licensed and regulated by FINMA and the national Swiss bank. The bank based in Geneva has branches in other parts of Europe, as well as in Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo.

Dukascoin was to be launched on March 1, but this date coincided with the launch of stablecoin J-coin by the Japanese bank Mizhuo, so Dukascopy moved the date to February 28. The J-coin Pay platform is now available and can be downloaded to a device with IOS or Android.

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