TikTok tests adding links to purchases

TikTok, the platform dedicated to sharing short videos, is experimenting with ways to allow users to find and purchase products from the app, testing features designed to direct them to e-commerce sites. In this case, users will be able to add links to their biography and videos, in order to push viewers towards products or services.

This possibility was first revealed by Fabian Bern, founder of the Chinese agency Uplab, who shared them with TechCrunch in a video on Twitter. Speaking with the well-known website, a TikTok representative stated that the features in question are part of the "experimentation" of the company aimed at improving the app. Considering the success that the Chinese video-sharing service has been receiving over the last period (it has reached 1.5 billion downloads), it is not surprising at all that the developers think of a way to make their users earn money and, consequently, widen your audience: in this way someone could be attracted by the possibility of monetizing, someone else from the opportunity to exploit the app as a showcase from which to draw on new products.

The new features of TikTok are very similar to those of Instagram. These are commonly used by big and small Instagram influencers for online marketing, even if the influx of content for shopping on the platform, according to some, was not quite the most recently. Instagram and TikTok are competing without hiding in recent times, starting to copy each other's most popular features. Just think of the Reels, a function currently being tested in the Brazilian territory. Meantime ByteDance, parent company of the Chinese application, apparently is also working on a music streaming service.

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