Twitter will soon allow you to hide answers to tweets


The network has information about the upcoming change, which will soon be on Twitter. It’s about the ability to hide the answers to our tweets. The function is currently being tested and of course its final version may differ slightly from the one just discovered.

Twitter wants to put a “Hide tweet” button on the menu – by clicking on it you will block the visibility of a given answer both for ourselves and for all viewers of a particular thread. The option is to be tested more extensively in the coming months.

Hide twitter reply
Hide twitter reply

This new is to improve the so-called “Conversational health” by blocking toxic or unpleasant entries. In this way, Twitter is to become an even more friendly place for both new and existing users. Of course, there are voices that such an opportunity can also be used for not very positive purposes, such as hiding, for example, the truth.

After hiding the answer data, you can easily restore the posts by clicking the “Show hidden tweets” button. Whether or not Twitter decides to introduce the described functionality is also in doubt – we will probably learn this over the coming weeks or months.

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