WhatsApp, catalogs arrive for small activities

I finally arrived catalogs for WhatsApp Business: the most popular instant messaging app in the world is actually used by users to interact with small businesses, but it is often necessary to send numerous messages and photos to provide and retrieve product information. Now, thanks to catalogs, you can create one virtual showcase which allows companies to showcase their products.

This makes it easier for customers to search for items or services to buy. Moreover this new function will succeed in giving a greater touch of professionalism to the WhatsApp profile of small businesses and will give customers the opportunity to find the information they need directly in the chat, without having to go to the website.

WhatsApp also reported an example of a successful company:

Agradaya, an Indonesian company specializing in the sustainable cultivation of aromatic plants and spices, is an example. We gave early access to the catalog function to the company founder, Andhika Mahardika, who told us that it was easier for his customers to search for products, obtain pricing information and view images of the items offered: all fundamental aspects for best serve its customers.

Each item in the catalog will have its information including price, Description is product code. The company also indicates how the photos and information will be stored:

The catalog function was then tested first in India, apparently successfully. For now the function to entice small businesses to sell on WhatsApp is available for Android and iPhone in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, while the company says that we will have to wait little for the rest of the world , including Italy.

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