Wind, re-modulation for late top-ups

A new one comes into force today remodeling of Wind, Wind Tre brand, announced about a month ago. From today, the operator has put in place a change for all its customers will recharge late and that they will not have sufficient credit to renew their offer. The new conditions stipulate that the included traffic will not be blocked, to ensure continuity of the service, and that it will be made available for a 1 solar day at a cost of 0.99 euros.

If the customer has not yet reloaded on the following day, the included traffic will be available again for a further 2 days at a cost of € 0.99. Previously, however, the operator guaranteed continuity of service for two days at a price of 0.99 euros. Once the "bonus" period has ended, the SIM will only allow you to receive phone calls or make emergency calls. The cost of extending the period will be charged on the first useful top-up.

To never be without it remaining credit, Wind recommends activating the service "Autoricarica". The included credit can be checked at any time by the MyWind App and by the Wind Customer Area. With the entry into force of this new unilateral contractual change, the terms of withdrawal have expired.

Definitely a "negative" re-modulation even if it will only affect customers who will forget to recharge their SIM before the monthly renewal of their tariff options. More information is available on the Wind site in the "Wind Informa" section.

The operator justifies these increases with the classic wording "needs linked to market trends".

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