Windows 10 20H1, changes to Disk Cleanup

Who uses for a long time Windows will know the small app "Cleaning disk", A very useful tool that allows you to quickly eliminate many useless files that can accumulate over time inside the computer. An even more useful maintenance tool if you have a small hard drive. But its ease of use, over time, has caused too many problems for less savvy users.

In some cases, in fact, users went to check the box "Download”Among those in which to do the cleaning. The result of this inattention is that Windows also eliminated many useful files in that folder. To help its users, Microsoft has therefore decided to eliminate the possibility of inserting the Download directory from those where cleaning is possible. This change is present starting from build 19018 of Windows 10 20H1.

This means that when this functional update for Windows 10 will come to all users, there will also be this small but important change to the "Disk Cleanup" app. The decision was also made because Microsoft received a lot of feedback from users in this regard.

Windows 10 includes as well Storage Sense (Memory Sensor), a smarter tool than the old "Disk Cleanup" app that works in a completely autonomous way if disk space starts to run out, or removes some file types after a certain time. To make the operating system more uniform, Microsoft has also removed the Download directory from Storage Sense.

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