Windows 10 drops slightly | Webnews

The market shares of Windows 10 fall slightly. With the arrival of the last month of 2019, Netmarketshare has published data on the market share of the principal operating systems is browser Internet. In terms of operating systems, as mentioned at the beginning, Windows 10 falls slightly. After months of significant growth this decline may seem abnormal. In fact, Microsoft's flagship operating system has gone from 54.30% to 53.78%.

A loss of marginal market share that could also be the result of the normal variation that can occur at every data collection. Also fall for MacOS of Apple that has gone from 5.11% to 4.06%. Windows 7 is Windows 8.1, on the other hand, they have a market share of 26.67% and 3.66% respectively.

However, Windows 10 continues to have more than half of the operating system market. With the arrival of Christmas shopping and therefore with the safe large number of new PCs that will be given away, this market share should increase again.

On the Web browser front, there is no big news. The hierarchies are fairly consolidated. Google Chrome still dominates this sector with 67.30%. In second place, but largely detached, there is Firefox with 8.61%. Third step of the podium for Internet Explorer with 7.43%. Fourth place, instead, for Edge with 6.23% market share. On the browser front, there should be no major bumps in the next month. In January, however, the new Edge based on Chromium will officially debut.

At that point it will be very interesting to understand if the new Microsoft browser will manage to carve out an important slice of the market or if it will not go much further than what the current Windows 10 browser does today.

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