Wt: Social is the new social network of Jimmy Wales

The one who helped found Wikipedia, the free online medicine, now tries again with social network. Is called Wt: Social and is a social network focused on collaborative news, which has already collected tens of thousands of users worldwide. The platform comes from WikiTribune, launched about two years ago by Wales himself.

WikiTribune is a platform within which volunteers and journalists, similar to Wikipedia, package neutral and absolutely unverified information. All very different from what you see on Facebook, where fake news they proliferate and you can even pay to amplify the message.

As soon as you access the site you read the motivation of the existence of this social network, which has the intention of departing far from the current offer. Here's what we read:

Social networks have grown and amplified the voice of bad actors around the world. The fake news have influenced global events, and the algorithms only care about "engagement", continuing to make people dependent on the platforms. WikiTribune will not sell your data. Our platform survives thanks to the generosity of individual donors, to ensure that privacy is protected and that your social space is a book of advertising.

The Wt: Social project was also explained by the co-founder of WikiTribune, Orit Kopel. We start from the financing models: poor quality content is supported only by advertising, in short by the Facebook model, which collects 90% of revenues from ads on smartphones. In this case, the engagement has priority over the quality of the content.

After two years of change, it is WikiTribune, with the social part that represents the heart of the project and the engine of a model of experimental information. There is neither advertising nor paywall: as soon as you enter there are several topics in which the user can enter, discuss or modify. just like Wikipedia the model is supported by donations.

Wales wants to disrupt the way social networks are used today. In a series of tweets he explained the concepts behind Wt: Social: what would happen if the ads were eliminated keeping access free? In short, to make some pay, those who really care about the freedom of the web, to benefit everyone.

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