Xiaomi Quick Apps blocked by Google Play Protect

Xiaomi installs a modified version of Android with the well-known MIUI interface on mobile devices. Some users have reported that Quick Apps has been blocked by Google Plat Protect as it may collect data for the purpose of tracking. Being a system app it cannot be removed without rooting.

Quick Apps is basically the equivalent of Google Play Instant apps that can be run without installation. Google Play Protect instead it is the service that scans the apps on the smartphone and those downloaded from the Play Store or other sources. The danger warning appeared after a recent update. Play Protect has stuck Quick Apps because it collects data that could be used to track the user. Probably the new version has triggered the alarm.

In fact, Quick Apps is a rather questionable app. According to reports by an expert, Quick Apps has over 55 permissions that allow you to install other apps, read the credentials stored on your smartphone, access IMEI, SIM and IMSI numbers, record audio, video and calls. It appears that Xiaomi uses this information to display advertisements on the lock screen, in the browser, in the news widget and in other parts of the system.

Quick Apps is updated directly by Xiaomi and cannot be uninstalled as a normal app. It is in fact necessary to root the smartphone to remove the system apps. At the moment there are no official communications from the Chinese manufacturer. The only solution to avoid the block is to distribute a new version with the necessary modifications.

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