YouTube, changes coming to Home on desktop

YouTube is being renewed on the desktop, not through a completely new interface but with some improvements that users could appreciate. The famous video aggregator intends to reward higher resolution video previews and more functional miniatures, in order to make its Home for desktop closer to the mobile one.

First of all he decided to remove a few lines of video to clear the home page; then he wants to add a rather useful feature for all those who watch PC clips, "Add to queue". In this way users will have the possibility to insert a video to a list directly from its preview, being able to add them again and again without interrupting the viewing of the clip reproduced.

Another useful feature is the one for hide the contents of troublesome channels. If the YouTube algorithm shows offensive or unpleasant videos to users in the tips section, a problem with which the platform has been struggling for a long time, you can use this option to solve the problem. It will be enough, from the homepage, to open the drop-down menu with the three points (in the lower part of the clip) and choose the item "Do not suggest the channel". The same functionality is available for the smartphone version since last summer.

And again, YouTube promises to bring another feature of the mobile version to the desktop: one that allows you to choose certain topics to customize the home with more relevant videos. The new changes to the homepage are not yet available in Italy but could come soon. In September, the Google video platform changed the way in which the number of subscribers to channels is displayed, to help content creators divert attention from the counter.

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